Personalized Erotic Fiction

HoochyMail is the first Internet service that allows you to create a thrilling, explicit erotic fantasy about yourself and your special someone, doing all sorts of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting locales!

HoochyMail is totally free and 100% secure. No credit cards! No memberships! The perfect way for lovers to enhance their relationship!

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Personalized Erotic Fiction

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We do not sell e-mail addresses or names to anyone for any reason.

Just choose the fantasy, then fill in the form. We'll create personalized erotic fiction for your approval, alert your mate that it's waiting, and if he or she approves receiving it, we'll zap it right over. What happens next is up to you!.

Please note, we must have valid e-mail addresses for both the sender and receiver, in order to deliver the personalized erotic fantasies.


Now, hit the PREVIEW button.
If both e-mails are valid, you'll be taken to another screen which will display your finished HoochyMail.

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